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KLQ 6119
Overall Dimension
LxWxH mm 11500x2480x3150
Inner Height mm 2260
Wheelbase mm 5700
Track front / rear mm 2020/1860
overhang front/rearmm 2600/3150
Mini. Ground Clearance mm 200
Approach / Departure Angle 7/7
Performance Specification
Manufacturer's Max. Total Masskg 16500
Front / Rear Axlekg 3400 / 7800
Complete Vehicle Curb Masskg 11200
Front / Rear Axlekg 5500/11000
Seat No >37 + 1
Max. Speedkm/h >85
Max. Grade ability% 25
Mini. Turning Circle Diameterm 24
Fuel Consumption [ rated condition ]L/100km < 24
max. stopping distance [ full load ]m 10 [V0=30km/h]
Fuel Tank CapacityL 200
Engine Specification
Engine Model YC6G270-30(199kw)
engine location Rear
cylinder number 6
engine displacementML 7800
max. powerkw/rpm 1900
fuel type Diesal
emission standard Euro III
Air Conditioner TCRG110 32000kCAL/h
Heater system Dependent front windshield defroster
Bus Reverse Monitor COLOR Back Guide Monitor and Middle door Monitor
lighting system Double rectangular style ceiling lamp
seats Engineering plastic passenger seat (ABS seats), Driver seat (high backrest, shock absorption and adjustable)
passenger door Front double / rear double pneumatic inward swing door, middle door
window Sealing side window
Emergency roof exit Two Emergency roof exit
rear-view Luxury large field rearview mirror
Name plate Dynamic LED electronic Name plate *3
Others One Emergency door, Luxury inner trimming with A/C wind channelHandrail, Megaphone, Fire extinguisher, Safety hammer, Front window manual sun visor, First Aid Kit, Tool Kit, station reporter.
Clutch Diaphragm spring clutch (0430)
Gearbox Chinese FAST gearbox (5 speeds)
Retarder TELMA eddy current retarder
Axle Chinese FANGSHENG Front axle 5.5t / Rear axle 11.5t
Suspension System Leaf spring, Front 4 and rear 5
braking system Front / Rear drum brake, Dual circuits’ pneumatic brake, Spring loaded parking brake
steering system Power steering
tyre & wheel 11R22.5 tubeless tyre, No spare tyre

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